November update

Inktober part 2

Lots of new stuff for this entry, guys!
Starting with, the latest inktober sketches. At the end I couldn't make the 31 days because of work, but I enjoyed a lot with this challenge. A few had names before starting, others were just work in progress. Both ways are really fun to start.

Some of the artwork was made with pentel brush, and rotrings but most of them were made with G-pen and the paper, canson 300gm for watercolor.

 "the other half of your soul"


2 part


Ramdon scifi dude

Young Gandalf

15 years later

summoning his big ass robot



sci-fi wizard

armor pilot 

The dream team scanned! 

Salón del manga de Barcelona

This month, beside my birthday is also great, because the mangacan, or comic con or whatever you want to call it, this year I did my small contribution in two awesome projects!

The first one was a sketchbook inspired in the Tolkien universe, which I am a huge fan, the final product is just amazing with all the artwork from the creators and the rest of guest artists. If you are a fan of the tolkienverse I really encourage you to check this sketchbook, you would be amazed!

Here are my two contributions, Glaurung and Nienor (The children of Húrin) and Luthien (Silmarillion) Very soon will be released online if you are interested in buying it. Make sure to follow this blog updates

Glaurung and Niennor


The other project, Imaginoterapia, is a benefic artbook with 42 awesome artists from Spain. You can find more info here

The last battle of the descendants

And finally, made this other illustration For the EurosteamCon of Barcelona and the steampunk issue of Inari

Fire butterflies

There, long post!

Thanks so much for reading, See ya! ;)