New set released. The alchemist.

Otra entrada rápida para una actualización de ilustraciones.

Este set se llama Faust el Alquimista, para Legend of the Cryptids.

Traté de explorar diferentes paletas de colores para estas piezas. Y aunque con la versión Regular no me salí mucho de lo que suelo hacer, creo, que con el Advance logré obtener una armonía de color interesante con colores completamente aliens (para mí) Fue un experimento divertido y definitivamente voy a intentar más cosas fuera de mi zona de confort. Déjame saber lo que piensas de las piezas en los comentarios. ¡Nos leemos!

Another quick entry for an art update. 

This set is call Faust the Alchemist, for Legend of the Cryptids.

I tried to explore different color palettes for these pieces. Thoug the regular is in line with what I usually do I think, that with the Advance I did manage to get a cool color armony with these complete alien colors (for me at least) It was a fun experiment and I'm definitely will try more stuffs out of my comfort zone. Let me know what you think of the pieces in the comments. See you around!


She must have taken notice of my remaining hesitance and told me there was a single exit clause in the agreement. Were I to discover her true identity, I would reclaim my soul. The chance of escape, no matter how slim, was enough for me to come to a decision. And even should I fail, I had always regarded my soul as less important to my mind anyhow.

"We have a deal, devil!" Faust, comprehending the meaning behind Mephisto's dark smile, signed away his soul. What happened to it after his death was inconsequential. If he could learn the secrets of the universe, no deed was too blasphemous.