I need to ask you something!! + LoC art

Video Tutorial?!

Si, estoy intentando hacer uno.
Editando ahora mismo el video. Es por otro set que no ha sido publicado todavía, Pero espero poder explicar todo mi proceso de principio a fin.

Pero necesito tu ayuda para escoger los temas que mas os interesen. Y también el largo del video. Ahora mismo tiene 17 horas a tiempo real, solo falta el boceto, pero eso no creo que sea relevante para la técnica (?) 
Os dejo este formulario ( o en los comentarios también pueden dejarme ideas) Gracias!!

Yeah, I'm trying to make one.
Editing the video right now. It is for another set that has not been published yet, but I hope I can explain all my process from start to finish with that one.

But I need your help to choose the topics that interest you most. And also the length of the video. Right now it has 17 hours in real time, only the sketch is missing, but I do not think it is relevant to the technique (?)
I leave this form (or comments can also work) Thank you !!

For the video my idea is to speak in Spanish  and add the subtittles for the english. Are you ok with that? Let me know in the form too.

Que temas quieres que trate en el video?
The 17 hours real time video or a reduced version?

Y también, os dejo con estas cartas nuevas para Legend of Cryptids que hice recientemente.

Los bocetos (haga clic en las imágenes para ampliar) y las finales abajo. Con algo del Lore del juego.

And also, just want to share some new Legend of the Cryptids cards I did recently.

The sketches (click on the images to enlarge) and the finals below. With some of the lore of the game.

Click to enlarge

The Sect of the Violet Blaze congregated for a special ceremony to honor the ordainment of their newest priest, Lonstein. "I solemnly swear to devote my life to the service of our god and the faithful."


Sigo trabajando en mas posts sobre freelancing, solo que necesitan mas tiempo, escribir es algo que estoy experimentando ahora y me cuesta mucho mas que pintar. Aun así, es divertido y espero que sirva de ayuda a alguien allá afuera.

Nos leemos!

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The Violet Blaze revered by the believers was fueled by their very lives. In wielding it to destroy his enemies, Lonstein would lose another of his brothers in spirit. The pangs of doubt he felt at first were soon numbed by his sense of duty. "These sacrifices are for the sake of our god and the world."

I'm still working on more posts about freelancing, just needing more time, writing is something I'm experiencing now and it costs me much more than painting. Even so, it's fun and I hope it will help someone out there.

See you araound guys!