Artist Resources page + more mtg art

I've been working on and off in a resource page for artists for a long time and recently finished one of the seccions. I'll be updating more often there, but anyways, make sure to subscribe to my mailing list for notifications.

The plan is to put all my favorite tutorials, websites, articles, videos, materials and tools in a list, easy to find for anyone interested.

So far I have 3 seccions, websites, books and tutorials. Traditional art tools and materials and digital tools.

If you guys have any suggestions you can leave a comment below or in the resource page in the form at the end. Thanks!

He estado trabajando durante un tiempo ya en una página de recursos para artistas y recientemente terminé una de las secciones ¡YAY! Voy a actualizar más a menudo allí, pero de todos modos, asegúrese de suscribirse a mi mailing list para recibir notificaciones.

El plan es poner todos mis tutoriales favoritos, sitios web, artículos, videos, materiales y herramientas en una lista, fácil de encontrar para cualquier persona interesada.

Hasta ahora tengo 3 secciones, sitios web, libros y tutoriales. Herramientas y materiales de arte tradicional y herramientas digitales.

Si tienen cualquier sugerencia, no duden en dejar un comentario aquí o en la misma pagina de recursos, encontrarán un formulario para ello. Gracias!


Also, here's the other art for Magic the gathering for Rivals of Ixalan. 

Doodling and finding the idea. ink and copics.

submitted sketch to Wizards.


final illustration

Update, december 2017

Llevo tiempo sin actualizar el blog con ilustraciones así que vengo a arreglar eso. Normalmente las subo a Artstation o Instagram pero en caso que no seas asiduo a otras redes, aquí os dejo las ultimas publicadas. Con algunos extras. Enjoy.

I haven't been updating the blog with illustrations lately so I'm here to fix that. I usually upload all my new work to Artstation and Instagram for everything else but in case you are not regular with other social networks, here 's the quick tour. 

The first one was made back in november last year for Bushiroad. And the next 2 for Legend of the Cryptids, my two last cards with them.

Gilman raider



My latest Magic cards. First one for Commander 17 and the next 2 for Ixalan set.

Value study of the piece. 

Apprentice Necromancer


Burning Sun's Avatar


Huatli's Snubhorn

These last few months have been really crazy for me, did a lot of travelling! First for Turin MTG Grand Prix then Cuba, to visit my family and then, Italy again, for the Italian Magic Nationals. Here's a collection of some pictures from the events and drawings.


That's all for now, Cheers!