Pen tablet HUION DWH69 Review!

English below!

Desde hace un tiempo la marca Huion está planteando una buena pelea a la lider del mercado, Wacom, sobre todo en estos modelos de pen tablet, éste en especifico me ha dejado muy buenas impresiones, desde el empaquetado, hasta la estabilidad de los drivers. Ya era hora, no?

Les dejo el video del review completo, incluido un sorteo de este modelo. Suerte ;)!


Hey guys, this time I bring you the review of this pen tablet. The video is only in Spanish, because , you know... my first language and all that. I'm pretty sure that you can find tons of reviews already in Youtube, but if you are interest in my opinion, keep reading. I'll try my best to give you my impressions about it!

After reading the review I'll recommend to watch the video anyways for better visual references :)

 Starting with the packaging, is really great, compared to the previous model that I have reviewed, is a huge improvement. Siriously, an amazing job there.

This tablet support bot wireless mode and wired mode. The battery in my experience is really good, I tried it on and off for a month already and the battery is still from the first charge, same with the pencil. Doesn't come with a mini usb for charging the pencil (that would have been awesome)  but it's ok. Compatible with almost all versions of Windows and MAC Os, I'll add Windows 10 to the list too, since that's my current windows and works perfectly. 

I tested it with Manga Studio 5 Ex, ZBrush R7 and Photoshop, without a issue.

One of the aspects that I loved about this device is the huge range of pressure sensitivity, my intuos Pro has the same level, 2048, and I never had this experience with it. Something that you can really take advantage especially in drawings with linearts or modelling 3d for example. On the same note, the weight isn't great though, is really light, you kind of miss something more heavy to draw. But you'll get use to it pretty quickly.

Aesthetically speaking, the design is really attractive, and the materials looks high quality enough, the barrel on top reminds me a lot to the mac keyboards. By the way the place of that USB connector, is great, Wacom after five... thousands of tablets, still don't have a clue where to put those...

In the negative aspects, I'll mention the capacitive express keys, the fact that they are capacitive doesn't match with their function in the first place. And the little screen (probably the first thing that you will notice) It feels a bit underused (?) right now it only use is to show you the Huion logo, the battery life and when you are using the pen or the express keys.

Other negative point (Well, depends on how you look at it, I guess) Is the ergonomy for lefties (myself included, YAY)  you have to turn the tablet upside down, giving you a weird position of the surface and the little screen.

If you won't be using the capacitive express keys you don't have to activate this option, but, Oh well.

Drivers settings are really simple, you have some options for the buttons on the pencil (They include the functionality for changing between screens with one of the stylus buttons) options about the screen, mapping your capacitive keys ( you can also activate a bunch more of theses on top of your active area) and finally a little scratch pad to test the sensitivity of the stylus.


Here's the full list of specifications

With that price and quality, is in my opinion, one of the best options out there! 

As always, I'm pretty interested in your opinion, let me know your thoughts about this tablet, about the review and if you would like more stuff like this here ;)