Magic the Gathering Artist Proofs are a limited number product provided only to the artist and are highly collectable. They have a blank back and are limited to only 50 regular and 30 Foil of each card most of the time. Each card will come with a drawing, numbered and well protected. Also you can have a custom drawing for an extra fee. 

Here the info regarding my Artist proofs.

You can find the base price for each artist proofs listed below its image, and the added cost depending of the type of art you want on the back, if Ink, pencil or acrylic paint. Usually the shipping time is about 2 to 4 weeks.

Shipping is 10€ worldwide. The payment, through paypal only, as a gift or adding the Paypal fee.

Ink: 40€

Pencil: 60€

Acrylic (color): 100€

IMPORTANT: I haven’t received my APs from Ravnica Allegiance or Ultimate Masters yet.

Hope this isn’t too complex to follow, send me an email at once you decide what you want. Thanks in advance!

Samples of the different techniques.